Monday, November 2, 2009

Jimmie Foxx Wins 3rd MVP Award

November 2, 1938
Receiving 19 of 22 first-place votes, Red Sox first baseman Jimmy Foxx (.349, 50, 175) becomes the first player to win the Most Valuable Player award three times. The 31-year old slugger was also the recipient of the honor in 1932 and '33 playing for the Philadelphia A's.

November 2, 1944
Japan, where baseball has been banned as an undesirable enemy influence, mourns the death of Eiji Sawamura. The Japanese pitcher, who is killed in action in the Pacific, became a national hero by striking out Babe Ruth in an exhibition game.

November 2, 1964
CBS becomes first corporate owner of a major league team buying eighty percent of Yankees for $11,200,000.

November 2, 1974
The Braves trade Hank Aaron to the Brewers for Dave May and Roger Alexander. The move allows the all-time career home run champ to finish his career in Milwaukee, the city in which he started in the majors.

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